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The story of Alzira in two speeches

3 mayo, 2018 • By

It´s been a month since the Valencian government took over the management of La Ribera Health Department. After almost 20 years of private management, on 1st April, La Ribera began a new stage of direct public management. There are many conclusions to be made about the whole situation, which I will discuss in future blog entries.READ MORE

180309_Jornada Club de los Viernes

The future of healthcare

9 marzo, 2018 • By

Last weekend the Club de los Viernes held an open house in Madrid, which I had the pleasure to attend. The agenda included a conference on the future of healthcare, with recognized speakers, gathered at a round table where the current challenges faced by this sector were highlighted, such as the involvment of the Public Administrations. READ MORE

Problem Solving,Close up view on hand of business woman stopping falling blocks on table for concept about taking responsibility.

Shared Objectives

28 febrero, 2018 • By

As an exercise in transparency, the council have recently published the latest opinion poll. This is a barometer which the Government carry out annually which collects data of great interest in order to understand the concerns of the Valencian people. In this new gauge of the Valencian society, health has climbed to second position, becoming one of the main worries for citizens, according to the 2,016 people of whom completed the survey. READ MORE


The night of the journalists

23 febrero, 2018 • By

The Valencian Community Journalistic Awards were presented last night. It was an event organised by CSIF (The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions) and an event that we have supported since its very first edition. It’s a very special night on which media professionals from the three provinces come together to pay tribute to the award winners, which this year were Rosana Belenguer, Ana Talens and Francisco Perez Puche, and take stock of the state of their profession. READ MORE

RiberaSalud_Premios Excelentes2

A year full of contrasts

7 febrero, 2018 • By

This morning I went to the Casa de América in Madrid, a beautiful place that always reminds me of the roots that connect Spain and Latin America. My visit was due to Ribera being acknowledged by the Asociación por la Excelencia de los Servicios Públicos for the work that we have carried out in the Ribera Department. Receiving this award during such tough times has given us a real boost. It shows how we should never give up our search for excellence in public service management. READ MORE