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Red lines

1 diciembre, 2016 • By

The global challenges faced by public health have given rise to a worldwide debate on the issue. I have had the opportunity to participate in many forums invited by governments, universities, and multilateral institutions to contribute with our vision, experience, and strategies. READ MORE


A public soul

14 octubre, 2016 • By

In recent weeks I haven’t wanted to pay too much attention to the media, because the public statements against public-private collaboration in healthcare give me intellectual anxiety. READ MORE

foto firma iv convenio colectivo

Consensus to move forward together

19 julio, 2016 • By

Good news for the professionals of the Ribera Salud group. Recently, the second Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Health Department of Torrevieja was unanimously signed with all union representatives; and yesterday also saw unanimous closure of the fourth Collective Bargaining Agreement for professionals of La Ribera Health Department. Both agreements provide a unique framework of security and stability in labour relations which will undoubtedly benefit our professionals and the public health system. This also places us at the forefront of people management within the sector, as the agreements respond to the major commitment of our group for collective bargaining agreements that encompass the particularities of our innovative management model.READ MORE


Chronicle of a demographic crisis foretold

11 julio, 2016 • By

Through this digital window I always try to submit relevant articles or facts that may be interesting and useful in forming an opinion. Often I’m aware that I may seem repetitive, but there are issues that cause me great concern and, above all, disquiet because I see that many of them -or that’s the impression I have-, do not occupy a prominent place on the agenda of Spanish decision-makers, especially on the agenda of policy makers. These are not trivial matters; given that they currently pose a serious problem that will only get worse in the short term if appropriate measures are not taken.READ MORE

hágase la luz

Let there be light!

5 julio, 2016 • By

I have always insisted that the more private partnership there is, the greater the public control required. For years we have been demanding an observatory on public-private partnership to evaluate and transmit to society the value generated by this management model, similar to what happens in other countries of our beloved European Union. Very often prejudices -which are exactly that, ‘pre-judging’-, are imposed on data; personal opinions on facts and the emphatic ‘just because’ statement on numbers and documents.READ MORE