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Alzira model: innovative management experiences

21 septiembre, 2017 • By

This morning, in Madrid, I attended the launch of the book “Colaboración público-privada en sanidad: el Modelo Alzira” (Public-private partnership in health: the Alzira Model). This book, which aims to analyse the performance of Valencian healthcare concessions and their role within the public health system, compares their results with those of some Catalan public and private hospitals. This work is the result of a commission assigned to the Gaspar Casal Foundation and the Centre for Research in Economics and Health at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. I am hugely satisfied with the outcome and, in this regard, I would like to include in the blog the seven personal reflections that I have shared with the attendees.


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For accountability, transparency and good governance

18 julio, 2017 • By

Unfortunately, we are currently hearing  some speeches from certain groups who intend to influence public opinion by spreading all kinds of claims against public-private collaboration so as to eliminate or reverse it. In healthcare, little or no importance is given to the management model developed by Ribera Salud which provides fair access to health services; neither does it value its efficiency, its care quality, the savings it brings with it, or the degree of citizen satisfaction. Similarly, no importance is given to the future of workers if their centres were to revert to traditional direct management instead of a collaborative type of management.READ MORE

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How much longer do I have to wait?

3 julio, 2017 • By

The latest regional data collected by the Government shows that surgery waiting times have increased again within the Spanish National Health Service (SNS) and, once again, I am regret to see that the SNS surgery waiting list has again become catastrophic.

According to the latest figures published last week by the Ministry of Health, the average waiting time to undergo surgery within the SNS has reached 115 days compared to 83 days just six months ago. If we compare this among autonomous communities, the differences between some communities and others are huge, ranging from 182 days in the Canary Islands and 173 in Catalonia, to 115 in the Valencian Community, 50 days in the Basque Country, 49 in La Rioja, and 33 and 39 in Melilla and Ceuta, respectively. READ MORE


2017 Defensores de la Salud Award (an award that recognises the work of prestigious Spanish companies and institutions in the field of healthcare)

19 junio, 2017 • By

Last Friday, in Elche, we celebrated the seventh anniversary of the Hospital Universitario del Vinalopó with the handover of the Defensores de la Salud Awards, which this year have recognised the career of some great professionals: former socialist minister Julián García Vargas (Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs between 1986 and 1991) and the editorial team of La Verdad newspaper, represented by its former delegate, Gaspar Maciá Vicente. It was a very emotional event, at which an Honorary Mention was also given to Manuela Sepulcre Cano, the 100th baby to be born in the hospital and representative of all the families that have been part of the hospital’s history since it opened in June 2010. These are the two speeches I delivered before handing over the award to Julián García Vargas and, at the end of the event, when I addressed all the professionals working within the concession model in the Valencian Community.READ MORE

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Red lines

1 diciembre, 2016 • By

The global challenges faced by public health have given rise to a worldwide debate on the issue. I have had the opportunity to participate in many forums invited by governments, universities, and multilateral institutions to contribute with our vision, experience, and strategies. READ MORE